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Universal Baby Shower Registry

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How a Universal Baby Shower Registry Makes Gift Giving a Breeze


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    First Name
    Last Name

    Registry Login

    Forget your Password?

    Begin a new registry here:


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    How does the FREE MyGiftList Registry work? 

    1. Create your universal registry account above.
    2. Add the MyGiftList Bookmark to your toolbar.
    3. Browse the web.
    4. Click on your MyGiftList Bookmark whenever you want to add an item to your registry.
    5. List everything you want for yourself and your new baby!
    6. Click on your MyGiftList Bookmark to visit your registry any time.
    7. Invite your baby shower guests to view your registry by sending an email invite from your registry page. The email will include a code so that only the people you choose can view your registry. 

    Other tips: 

    • Your guests can check off the gifts that they have purchased, and we won’t let you see what they bought! 
    • You can create separate gift registries for your office shower, for relatives, for friends, and for neighbors!
    • You can decide who sees your registry. 
    • When you add a gift, paste the link to the page online where you saw it so your guests can find it. 
    • Keep a history of who bought what gift for you.


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