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eDiaperCakes are the Perfect Gift

eDiaperCakes are the Perfect Gift
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Diaper cakes are a big hit at baby showers these days, and it’s really no surprise. Because they are stuffed with baby products and made of diapers, they are very much like gift baskets. You remember gift baskets, don’t you? The safe and easy gift! Yet, diaper cakes are MUCH better. They’re creative, adorable, useful, and attract lots of attention at a shower.

Now, I have searched the web and I’m convinced that eDiaperCakes are the perfect gift especially. They have diaper cakes for boys, girls, gender-neutral cakes, do it yourself diaper cakes (baby products included!), colorful cakes, cakes that are more subdued…and I can go on and on! Here is a short list of other reasons I think they’re the best:

  • They are handmade. Other diaper cakes sold online are made in factories and often look cheaply made or unoriginal. With eDiaperCakes you get quality and originality.
  • Their cakes are larger and use more diapers; 73-78 versus 60 diapers that others use.
  • They use name brand and other great baby products. Just take a look and you’ll see they’re full of Johnson and Johnson products and made with Pampers Swaddlers. They’re even accented with cute toys and soft socks and washcloths.

Do you agree that eDiaperCakes are the perfect gift? Comment below. I challenge you to find a better diaper cake online!

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