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7 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Games

7 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Games
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Unique and fun baby shower games can add a creative element of fun to the joyous event. You can preserve the moment through photographs or videos to show your baby when he or she is older. Your child will definitely appreciate and treasure this day when everyone in the room laughed happily as they expected someone special to arrive.

Unique baby shower games

  1. Don’t Say Baby Game – The rule of this game is pretty simple – don’t mention the word “baby.” You can set the duration when the guests (including you and your partner) must avoid mentioning the word “baby.” It could be from the time your guests step in the room until it’s time to open gifts. You can give each guest a diaper pin and when someone hears someone else say “baby” he or she can take the pin from the rule breaker. The guest with the most pins when the game ends is the winner, and gets a prize.
  2. Guess the Baby Items in the Bag – Put at least ten baby items inside an opaque bag like a diaper bag. Put typical baby things like rattle, bib, bottle, and the likes for guests to guess. Prepare a pen and paper for each participant. The participants must try to feel the things inside the bag and guess what they are. The participants are under time pressure (give them two minutes each). They need to list down as many things as they can and the participant with the highest number of items is the winner.
  3. Match the Baby Pictures – Ask your guests beforehand for their baby pictures for game use. Let your guests match the correct baby picture with the grown up and the guest who guesses or matches the highest number of pictures is the winner.
  4. Diaper Rush – Group your guests into teams and give a roll of toilet paper to each team. Give each team five minutes or less to create a mock diaper for a team member to wear using the toilet paper. The team with the most creative diaper wins. It’s hilarious and everyone will surely have a good laugh.
  5. Draw the Baby – Hand each guest a paper plate and a pen. The idea is to draw a face on the paper plate, but the catch is that they must draw while the paper plate is on top of another guest’s head. Want to add pressure? Make the guests draw under one minute. The cutest looking face is the winner.
  6. Guess the Famous Mom – Prepare some pictures of famous celebrity moms. Pin one picture to the back of each guest. The participant can ask yes or no questions that will help them identify the celebrity mom on his or her back. The player who guesses their celebrity mom in the shortest amount of time is the winner.
  7. Fill my Story – Prepare a simple story in which you place blank spaces within the story that must be filled by your guests. Have enough copies to be distributed and let your guests fill in the blanks. Then choose the most creative story. You might be surprised to learn that you have a very creative friend or family member. There is a really fun gender reveal game that allows your guests to use their creativity to tell your story. Check it out!

A baby shower is a fun and happy occasion, especially if shared with family and close friends. Make it livelier by adding some unique games that everyone will surely love. Be creative and you will see that it’s definitely worth the effort.

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