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Baby Shower Cakes for Girls!

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls!
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Baby Shower Cakes for GirlsDo you have the honor of hosting a baby shower for a friend or relative who is having a baby girl? Well, if you are looking for advice on what type of baby shower desserts or cakes you should serve your guests, then you have come to the right place!

Before deciding on the perfect dessert for your special occasion, try considering the following baby shower cake ideas:

What is the girl baby shower theme?

Often, baby showers have a theme that will match the baby’s nursery or bedroom. If, for instance, the theme of the nursery was going to be all things related to Winnie The Pooh, you could base the shower around Pooh and his friends. As far as the cakes are concerned, you could have cupcakes designed to represent each of the characters from the Pooh stories. You could still choose to go with a completely different theme from that of the nursery. Themes for girl baby showers that you can’t go wrong with are fairies, princesses and anything that involves lots of flowers rainbows, or the color pink.

Ordering vs. preparing the baby shower cake

If you decide to purchase a cake or desserts, then your job will be much easier. There is a wide variety of places you can go to have cakes and desserts baked to your specifications. You will certainly have peace of mind, especially if you order from a bakery you trust.

If however, you do decide to bake the cakes yourself, then your only limitations may be your own creativity and actual baking ability. If you are trying new recipes or are not experienced at baking, then it would be wise to do a few dummy runs on recipes and ideas. Baby pink is almost always used at baby girl showers. To make baby pink frosting you could use a few drops of red coloring and mix it with white frosting – hey presto you have baby pink frosting! Yellow and other gender neutral colors are used as well. It’s all up to you and the mommy-to-be!

Another baby shower cake idea

One unconventional idea for your shower is an eDiaperCake! That’s right, a cake made from diapers as well as other baby essentials and goodies. It looks great, it’s calorie free, and the mommy-to-be can use its contents for the baby. Check out this eDiaperCake and the contents below! Just search for ABC Flash Cards Diaper Cake on the website.

eDiaperCake flashcards


  • 73 to 78 Diapers, Pampers Swaddlers Size 1
  • White Grosgrain Ribbon (7/8 inches)
  • ABC Flash Cards by Kids Preferred, A to Z learning on 13
  • Cards (5 inches)
  • 1 Pacifier BPA Free, Orthodontic Shape, Soft Silicone Nipple
  • 1 Pair Baby Socks, 0-3 Months
  • 2 Baby Washcloths, 100% Cotton Terry (10 x10 inches)
  • 1 Baby Scratch Mittens
  • Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (1.5 fl oz)
  • Johnson’s Head-to-Toes Baby Wash (1 fl oz)
  • Johnson’s Baby Lotion (1 fl oz)
  • Johnson’s Baby Powder Pure Cornstarch with Aloe & Vitamin E (1.5 oz)
  • Desitin Rapid Relief Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream (0.125 oz)
  • Washcloths, Socks, Mittens and Pacifier may vary in color from the picture, but we will maintain the overall theme and integrity of the diaper cake.

Remember a baby shower is a celebration, and yes it takes a lot of meticulous planning. However, aim to enjoy planning your girl baby shower as much as you intend to enjoy the actual event. Your friend or relative will love the fact that you have put the effort in to give them the best baby shower and baby shower cake you can.

Have you prepared or bought an amazing cake or cupcake for a girl baby shower? Share your ideas as a comment below.


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  1. Awesome advice! I will have to remember this next time I help a friend organize a shower. Last few I have done are all boys!

  2. this sounds like such a cute idea! My friends are getting married soon, and hopefully having some babies soon!

  3. I love diaper cakes! Theya re so cute and very helpful to the new mom. At the last baby shower I attended instead of a cake, they did little cupcakes for the desserts and there was a diaper cake as the main center piece. I really liked it a lot better than a big cake for everyone to eat.

  4. Super cute! I love the idea of diaper cakes. So useful and creative.

  5. No more children for me, thanks lol. I don’t have any pregnant friends at the moment either, but I’m sure I will soon! Thanks for the tips!

  6. Adorable ideas! Too bad I need a few great ones for a boy baby shower, hahaha! 😀

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