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Benefits of a Universal Registry

Benefits of a Universal Registry
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Have you ever settled in to shop from an online baby registry only to find that most items were gone or most were way too expensive for your budget? Once this happens, you have to get off of that registry website and go to a completely different one. This means having to search for the name of the couple and look through a completely new list. Doing this for three or four websites can be a huge pain, especially if you want to see what each has listed.

How a Universal Baby Shower Registry Makes Gift Giving a Breeze

When it’s time to register for your baby shower, consider making it easier for your friends and family to shower you with gifts! A universal baby shower registry has many benefits. It’s easy to set up, and it’s something your friends and family can easily shop from. You no longer have to sign up with several individual websites to make sure there aren’t missed items, it can all be done in one spot.

Benefits of a universal registry

  • Time: You won’t have to spend extra time creating individual accounts for each of the websites you want to register with. Instead, you will have one account and one password, who wants to remember more than that?
  • Stores: You can shop from all the websites you want to and add items from each of them to your universal baby registry. For example, say you found a really cute onesie from a baby clothing website. Instead of making a registry there, you would just add it to your universal registry. Then you can add on any other items from any other website that you would like.
  • Friends and Family: When friends and family members are shopping your registry, they just have to go to one website. They can browse through all the items you added from all the different websites without having to log onto each of them individually.

Creating a single universal registry for your baby shower will make it easier on you and your friends or family members. Adding items is easy and you can edit the list as you go. Multiple registries are just too much of a hassle, especially if you’re on a time crunch. With one registry all you have is one account and everything you want for your little one!

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