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Meaningful and Unique Names for Girls the Easy Way

Meaningful and Unique Names for Girls the Easy Way
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Unique Names for Girls

There are a variety of options from which you can choose a unique and meaningful name for your baby girl. There are modern names, traditional names, as well as popular names to choose from. Names are very important because they help to form an identity for your baby girl. For this reason many feel it is important to have a name in mind, and to know its meaning, before your baby girl comes. It is also important to note that the girl will carry this aspect of her identity for the rest of her life. We are going to look at the meanings of a list of unique names for girls that you may want consider for the newest member of your family. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas!

Unique names for girls that are more traditional can be great because they often bear a lot of meaning. You can easily select a traditional name that says something about her, and this can be beneficial for her in the future. They also have rich origins and are not very controversial. They include flower names, location based names, color names and inspirational names. You can choose an appropriate beautiful name for your baby girl based on any affiliation.

Unique names for girls with meanings and origins.

A Names

  • Abelia – This is a name of Hebrew origin and it means ‘breath’
  • Adeola – This is a Nigerian baby girl name that means ‘crown’ and ‘honor’
  • Adiba – Arabic and means ‘cultured’ or ‘sophisticated’
  • Aiko – The origin is Japan and it means ‘beloved child’
  • Akanke – The name finds its origin in Nigeria and it means ‘knowing her is loving her’
  • Ambrosine – a Greek name that means ‘immortal’
  • Axelia – Another Greek name that means ‘protector of humanity’

B Names

  • Barika – Swahili name that means ‘successful’
  • Basilia – It originated from Greek and means ‘royal like a queen’
  • Beata – Rooted to the Latin language and means ‘blessed’
  • Brietta – Originated from Celtic and means ‘strong’

C Names

  • Callidora – Its origin is Greek and it means ‘a gift of beauty’
  • Carmelita – Originated from Spain and means ‘orchard’
  • Cecania – It is from Germany and means ‘liberated’
  • Chenoa – This is a Native American name and means ‘while dove’

D Names

  • Dae – This is a Korean name that means ‘greatness’.
  • Danica – Originated for Slavic and means ‘morning star’.
  • Dasha – Greek name for divine gift.
  • Delicia – Unique name from Latin that means ‘pleasure or delight’.
  • Dysis – A Greek name that means ‘sunset’.

E Names

  • Edme – A name of Scottish origin and it means ‘protector’
  • Eleni – A Greek name for sunlight
  • Elvira – Latin originated and means ‘fair one’
  • Erasma – It is form the Greek tradition and means ‘friendly’
  • Esperance – A French name that means ‘hope’

H Names

  • Harika – Originated from Turkey and means ‘amazing’.
  • Hiriko – The names is from Japan and means ‘generous’.

I Names

  • Idelia – Originated from Teutonic and means ‘noble woman’
  • Ismena – It is from the Greek tradition and means ‘learned’

J Names

  • Jenica – Roman name that means ‘gracious’
  • Jolanda – Italian name that means ‘violet flower’

N Names

  • Nadira – Originated from the Arabs and means ‘valuable’.
  • Neoma – Finds its roots n Greek and means ‘New moon’.
  • Nia – This is a swahili name that means ‘Purpose’.

S Names

  • Sabira – Arabic for patient
  • Salome – This is a Hebrew name that means ‘peace’
  • Sydelle – It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘princess’

T Names

  • Takara – Japanese name meaning ‘treasure’
  • Turua – It’s of Polynesian origin and means ‘beautiful’
  • Tahnee – A Latin name that means ‘silvery haired one’

Z Names

  • Zaira – It is of Arabic origin and means ‘rose’.
  • Zaneta – Also from the Arabs and means ‘God’s grace’.
  • Zotia – Originated from the Polish and means ‘wise’.

With a little research into traditional names, choosing a beautiful and unique name for your baby girl can be easy. I hope this helps you to choose a unique name for your daughter with a meaning that she will want to live up to.

Did your baby name make our list? Any name ideas you are especially fond of? Or, are you struggling with a name decision for your future addition to the family? We love baby naming around here and would love to hear from you. Comment today. 

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  1. I dread if the next baby we might or might not have is a girl. My husband and I do not agree on baby girl names at all. Boys were fairly easy for us, but girls. Ugh. I only like vowel starting names and he only likes names that start with consonants.

    Thanks for linking up at the Tuesday baby link up last week. Hope to see you again this week.


  2. I love finding out the meaning of names. We named our sons after family members but even then we went and looked for their meanings.

  3. Such unique names! It’s very cool finding name meanings!
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  4. Great list! I love unique names. My kids don’t have common names, especially my son.
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  5. Neither of my daughter’s names are on the list, but then again, they are rarely on any list 😉
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  6. I have a friend Tahnee! We used family names for our little ones 🙂
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  7. I have 4 girls and never really had a hard time finding a girl name.. I am now having a boy and that is what is the difficult part.. I love all the girls names.. especialy Axelia. Thank You for the names…
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