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End Your Search For Beautiful Girl Names

End Your Search For Beautiful Girl Names
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Beautiful Girl NamesNames come and go, and while some names are seasonal, others stick around for centuries. Most of the ancient beautiful girl names such as Juliet have been around for a while, but some such as Elizabeth are not as popular. Every parent wants to give their daughter a beautiful name that will inspire her to greatness, and cause her to feel good about herself and her gender. Females are usually associated with beauty, purity, flowers, good scent, romance and beauty. This is why names such as Rose, Lily, Precious and Purity have been used to name the girl child. The French try to give romantic names to their daughters, and many vowels in a name make it sound romantic. Names such as Bella, Elle, Jolie and Abigail are popular across cultures.

Popular beautiful girl names and meanings:

Beautiful girl names that symbolize happiness

  • Darlene. This is a popular girl name that means tenderly loved. Its popularity has been increasing over the years.
  • Joy is a girl name that symbolizes happiness. It has a French, English and Latin origin, though its popularity has increased across the cultures of the world. The French use it to symbolize jewel or the spirit of rejoicing, but most people use it to symbolize bliss.
  • Carolina is a popular girl name that means song of happiness. Among the English, this is among the feminine equivalents of Charles. Some cultures use it as a variant of Caroline, which symbolizes happiness among the Italians and Strength in Latin.
  • Beatrix is a name that signifies the one who brings happiness.

Beautiful girl names that symbolize nobility

  • Patricia. This name has a Latin origin, and is the feminine equivalent of Patrick. It has been used by Spanish, too, to symbolize nobility.
  • Elsie is a noble name with a German, Greek, Hebrew and Scottish origin. It is often used as a variant of Elisabeth/ Elizabeth across cultures.

Beautiful girl names that symbolize strength

  • Bridget. This name has an Irish origin, and has been featured in a lot of Irish literature to refer to the goddess of fire. Today, it has been used to refer to feminine strength similar to the one possessed by that ancient goddess.
  • Karla has been used as the English opposite of Charles to symbolize feminine strength. It is a name popular across cultures, used by the French, English, Swedish and Scandinavian parents to make their daughters feel feminine.

Beautiful girl names that are derived from the Bible

  • Phoebe is a name popular in America that symbolizes the shining one. It originated from the ancient Greece, where it was used to refer to the moon goddess.
  • Judith is a name that symbolizes praise. In Latin, it symbolizes youthfulness.
  • Abigail is a Biblical name that symbolizes the joy of a father. It is among the ten most popular and beautiful girl names in the American Social Security Administration site.
  • Elizabeth is a Hebrew name that signifies the fullness of God. It is a traditional name whose popularity never goes down, and has been ranked among the 20 most popular names by the American Social Security Administration site.

Your beautiful daughter will always identify herself with the name she bears. Consider the origin and meaning of a name before giving it to her. A beautiful girl name can make her feel confident, and can even motivate her to live up its meaning.

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