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4 Ways To Inspire Cool Baby Names

4 Ways To Inspire Cool Baby Names
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Cool Baby NamesAn amazing part of being a parent is choosing your baby’s name. Knowing that you’re about to give him something that he will always turn his head to is priceless. There is also a unique bond between the name giver and the child. Sometimes, however, we end up clueless and require a little assistance discovering cool baby names. This mostly happens when;

  • We’ve decided on a name but upon seeing our child, we realize the name just doesn’t suit him.
  • We’ve waited until the last minute to choose a name, mistakenly thinking it would just come naturally.
  • Significant others or family members just can’t agree on a name.

All of these scenarios can be quite difficult considering the little one requires a name before leaving the hospital. Well, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a magical method for finding the perfect cool baby names.

Below are 4 ways to inspire really cool baby names.

  1. Seasons – Naming your child after a certain season is totally awesome. It will be a constant reminder of how amazing the moment was. Cool names that reflect on this are; Summer, Autumn, Winter, Frost, Noel, Oakley, Rory, Holly and Crimson. April, June, These are totally cool names for your baby. This is especially cool when their birth season, for instance summer, comes around hence totally make them feel special.
  2. Musicians – Your favorite musician could positively influence your baby name choice. You could try switching or blending in other names with it to avoid being too obvious or copy cat. Elvis, Shakira, Aaliya, Kirk, Carter and Grayson are all amazing names but you can spice them up by adding or joining another name; Claudia-Joy, Elly-joy, Merry-belle, Emmy-lynn, Kirk Ian, Aaliya Hope and Carter Jones. This is an amazingly unique procedure.
  3. Celebrities – Naming children after celebrities is a good idea. It allows you to remember them even when they’re long gone. To make yours unique, try blending your favorite celebrity’s name with something they’re well known for; Newton Gravity, Charity Diana (Princess Diana’s charity works), Beyonce Songs. Think of your favorite Celebrity and let your imagination run wild.
  4. Religion – There is no limit to cool baby namess. It spills over even to religion. The Bible is full of unique and cool baby names. The Old Testament is full of these so grab a bible or better still, a pen! Hadassah was the original name for Queen Esther, Shem, Elisha, Asher, Hedva, Ariel, Luke and Roman. You could also name your child after places, countries and cities named in the bible; Israel, Judah, Rome and Egypt. These are all cool and meaningful names for your child.

The baby naming process might be quite difficult but with the proper arrows to point you in the right direction, it can be simpler. It is important to choose a name before baby arrives. You can try searching the baby name page on ParentsConnect for cool baby names. If you are totally clueless, then consider one of the names in this article!

How did you select the name for your baby? Please share some of the cool names of your children. Thanks, we love comments. 😀


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  1. These are awesome ideas! We went with our heritage. My eldest was adapted from the Irish name Keira, and my youngest was adapted from Bella which means beautiful in Italian.

  2. Beautiful names Ashley! I love the way you went with your heritage. Bella is one of my favorite words in Italian. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. We like to use maiden names as middle names too ~ That is another way to get a great unique name 🙂

  4. I love cool baby names! My sister in laws are Txomina and Demelza!

  5. I totally vote for the name “Summer” because it’s just the best name in the WORLD!

    Actually, growing up I hated my name. Kids made fun of me when we learned about the seasons, and it rhymes with plumber. It doesn’t make it any better that my maiden name is Northcutt. I don’t even need to tell you what that rhymes with. 🙂

    I LOVE my name now, though. I get so excited every time I meet another little Summer. I think we make the world a better place. 😉

    My kids are: Styles, Madilyn, and Grady.

    Styles was named before we had kids. We were riding around Jacksonville, FL talking about what we would name kids if we ever had any. We were being complete dorks and shouting things out like, “Black Creek”! and “Stop Sign”! There is a street called Stiles Ave. in Orange Park, FL and he said, “STILES!” I was like, “WOAH. That’s awesome.” SO it stuck, but he wanted a “y” in his name instead of an “i” so there you have it. His middle name is Rister (pronounced Rice-ter) which is my mom’s maiden name. She had 2 brothers pass away before he was born so I did it to honor my uncles.

    Madilyn was “Scarlett” almost the entire time I was pregnant with her. My hubby decided when I was 7 months pregnant that he hated that name so we changed it. Madilyn was literally the ONLY thing we could agree on. I still think her name should be Scarlett, but I digress. She is NOT MADDIE. EVER. I don’t care for the name “Maddie” but Madilyn is fine. Her middle name is Blair which is my mother in law’s maiden name.

    Grady was named on our way to the gender reveal ultrasound. We didn’t have a girl’s name picked out, but we fell in love with the name “Grady Moore”. Moore is my husband’s middle name (a family name from his mom’s Scottish relatives). I love the name Grady, and love that we don’t hear it often.

    I also love hearing about how other people named their kids!

    • Hi Summer! That is a beautiful name btw 😉 This is Tara from Born Unique, and I looooove your story. The names Grady Moore, Madilyn Blair, and Styles Rister sound like the names of superstars so I know they’ll all have bright futures. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. We choose mostly Bible names for our boys. We have Michael (not different, but timeless and I love it) Isaiah, Gabriel, Elias, Nikoli, and Gideon. I love their strong names with strong meaning. I really think what you name your child means a lot:)

  7. My husband and I had a hard time choosing a name too. We both made a list and sharing them, and ended up choosing one that was on both our lists.

  8. I love unique names too. My girls are Paige Randall and Peyton Valley. Paige was absolutely the only name we could agree on (I wanted Shelby and he wanted Laylah!), and Randall is my mother’s maiden name. My husband’s family is Irish and his brother is named Patrick…Peyton is the Irish Gaelic female form of Patrick. My great grandmother was Laura Valley, so there came Peyton Valley.

  9. We named our daughter after my husbands great grandpa. His name was Joseph. They always called him Josie, so that’s what we named our daughter. Her middle name is after my grandma that I was very close to that died of cancer. Her first name means “GOD will add” her middle name means “GOD is gracious” meaning is important to me!

    • Hi Briana, We have a Briana in our family and I love the name. We call her Brie. 🙂 So sorry to hear of your loss, Grandmothers are so precious to have in our lives. Well, it sounds like little Josie is Blessed and surrounded by family love and traditions. Thanks for sharing with us, we are happy that you did.

  10. My husbands family is Welsh and so we named our DD a traditional welsh name – Carys,which means One who loves and is loved. I thought that was very meaningful. My family is mexican and so we chose Paloma for her middle name. it means Dove. Doves are the symbol of peace and so she’s our Love & Peace child.
    Baby boy cam 3 years later and we stuck with the Welsh theme and named him Rhys which means enthusiastic. Middle name is also welsh – Vaughn. Cant lie, i was influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan with that one and we thought Rhys Vaughn Ridnour sounded pretty rock star 🙂
    We are still planning for baby #3 and i’ve realized that our other 2 both have the letter Y in their first names, so might as well be consistent haha. If we have a boy he will be Flynn and for a girl most likely Olyvia. baby naming is hard work!

    • What cool names Shauna! You say baby naming is hard work, but you seem to have it down. I love each of the names you chose. My best friend from high school shares the same middle name as Carys. 🙂 Please come back to let us know if #3 is a Flynn or an Olyvia, lol… Thanks for chiming in.

  11. We tried to come up with names we hadn’t heard. All sexes were unknown till birth and not told. My husband and I are opposite but the ones we picked actually were agreed upon for both ends. Heston , our first, Hardy then the last Ila( eye-la) which I am now hearing lots more but all are fairly older names. The middle names we did after family: Heston Robert John, Hardy Otto and Ila Violet. Now we are due with our 4th in a few months and back to the drawing board.

    • Hi Mallory, I really love hearing all the stories about baby naming! Yours is touching knowing that you kept the gender a surprise till after the births of your children. Heston, Hardy, and Ila are all great names. 🙂 It’s so wonderful when both parents agree on a name, isn’t it? Let us know what we will be calling baby #4. Happy Baby!

  12. My and I are having such a hard gime choosing a boy name we have totally different ideas. He wants to name him after his dad and at first I said no because his brother is already named after his dad. My fiance threw a fit so I gave in bjt only as a middle name and now we cant agree with a first name I want something different like Aiden and he wants Vincent! I dont know what to do we argue so much and I am stressing out I really dont want his dads name gor my child =( a

    • Hi Alexandra, even though baby naming can be fun, it can also be a source of stress as we see here in your case. Without sounding too preachy, to ease your stress level, hopefully the two of you can come up with a compromised solution that is a win-win for all. Your baby’s name is very important to the both of you and that is why you are so passionate about it. Both Aiden and Vincent are awesome names, hopefully you will both wake up one day and “the” name will just roll out of your mouths. Thanks for your comment and keep in touch. 🙂

  13. I just had my first baby in Dec. and he is now 4 and a half months old we decided to stick with family names my husbands grandfather passed away right before i met him. His name was Jack. and my great grandfather passed 3 years before i met my husband. His name was Hal Houston Henry. Because they were both very dear to our hearts we decided to name our son after both. Jack Henry. Now their names will live on.

    • Thanks for sharing Cheyenne. What a beautiful way to keep the family legacy going strong. I absolutely love Jack Henry, it sounds like a “strong” name. As the mother to a 10 month old, I too underwent the name selection process recently. Now I have one on the way so now my husband and I are letting the games begin once more! ~ Born Unique Mom Courtney

  14. I have two boys. My oldest is Axel Glen. My youngest is Ace Gunnar. The names just kinda came to us and they stuck. I think both their names fit them perfectly.

  15. Fun ideas! Just FYI…. you do *not* have to name your baby before you leave the hospital :). You do, however, need a name in order to get a birth certificate and you need a birth certificate to get a social security number. … which of course is needed to get the handy tax deduction.

    But feel free to go home with an unnamed baby if needed.

  16. One of my favorite lead singer’s name is Gavin, so we named my son Gavon. Pronounced the same & it follows a family name pattern on my husband’s side of the family ending in “on”. =)

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