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What Brand of Bottles is Best for Your Gassy Baby?

What Brand of Bottles is Best for Your Gassy Baby?
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The best bottles for reducing gas should offer a unique venting system that helps prevent any excess air from being gobbled up by your baby. A tube vent positioned inside the bottle, vents located on the bottom side of the bottle so as to displace air, or special nipples that allow your baby to latch just like he would to the mother’s breasts are the most important aspects to look for. You can as well settle for bottles that have a detached drop-in liner since they tend to accumulate less air in comparison to the generic types. Such bottles will mostly be advertised or labeled as reducing gas, colic or spit-up.

These bottles additionally come with nipples that vary in sizes, influenced by how fast the baby eats. Younger babies eat at a slower pace so the nipples can be changed as your baby grows to meet her needs. If you continue to feed her using a small nipple, she will find it hard to get milk from the bottle which will result in her swallowing extra air. These bottles have five different-sized nipples

Some brands that make the best bottles include:

Dr. Brown’s Brand of Bottles

What Brand of Bottles are the Best Bottles for Your Gassy Baby

We currently use Dr. Brown’s. Their bottles have a special system that efficiently reduces gas for babies. These bottles have a patented inner valve design that connects at the rear of the nipple and extends right into the bottle. This special valve cuts excess air, and the bubbles created when the baby sucks the nipples are expelled to the rear of the bottle via the valve. This means air is allowed no contact with the milk. Consequently, the baby swallows less air, and produces less gas.

AVENT Bottles

AVENT manufacturers claim that their patented nipple design provides a latch comparable to that of breastfeeding when your baby uses their bottle. The nipple design incorporates a vent close to the skirt thus pushing the excess air to the bottle’s posterior, where it can be easily expelled to above the milk.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles

These bottles help in reducing gas by their unique nipple design and overall shape. The bottle is normally angled and so encourages holding of baby in a semi-upright posture for easy feeding. It has a micro-channel vent design at its base which allows air to be expelled to the hind of the bottle, and not back into the milk. Ventaire bottles also come with a vent in their nipples, to facilitate carrying of air to the back of the bottle whenever the baby is sucking. This reduces the gas that gets into the baby’s stomach.

Other brands of bottles worth giving a try

  • First Years Breastflow
  • Playtex Drop-Ins

Cost and Where to Buy

  • The average cost for a pack of three 5 oz. bottles retail between $12-28. Babies grow fast and yours will soon need a 9 oz. bottle, thus you should avoid purchasing several of those small bottles. A standard package of three 9 oz. bottles goes for around $14-20, depending on the brand.
  • You can find your preferred brand of bottles on Amazon and other online shops. Also, check with retailers like Babies ‘R Us, Walmart and Target that always stock these gas-reducing bottles.

What to Avoid and Other Important Tips

  • You should as much as possible avoid generic brands that have small nipples, and instead opt for those with wide-set nipples as this will encourage the baby to make use of more of its nipple, hence prevent her from swallowing excess air.
  • When feeding your baby, it’s advisable not to offer the whole bottle in a single sitting especially when she is just a few weeks old. Her feeding should be interrupted to every few ounces to help burp her.
  • To save you the headache of later having to replenish your bottle, you can buy the 9 oz. bottle plus several slow-flow nipples.

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A gassy baby can often be irritable or fussy, creating a not-so-easy situation for parents. Using the best bottles that produce excess air when feeding only serves to compound the issue. As a result, it is imperative that you choose a brand of bottles that will help reduce the excess gas for your baby.Born Unique Baby


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  1. We actually ended up using the very simple “old school” Gerber bottles because they worked best for my son!

  2. There were always so many bottles to choose from it was hard to decide. I always just went with the one my kids actually would use.

  3. For my daughter the Dr. Brown bottles worked amazing at helping her with gas. I know each baby is different and each style works differently with each child. But for us, if she didn’t use a Dr. Brown bottle she had the worst gas and upset stomach. It was a long 4 months to discover the right bottle for her. I wish I would have had your list way back then, it would have gotten me to the right bottle a lot faster.

  4. Took some trial and error to find the best one for our daughter. I think it’s different for every baby.

  5. Since my baby was exclusively breastfed, this is something I never looked into. When I tried to pump and give him a bottle, he always refused, but in the end I think it was easier just to breastfeed him rather than worry about getting bottles ready. Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link Up!

  6. We own the Dr Browns bottles, but my daughter refused any and all bottles. She went straight from nursing to a cup! My son is almost six months old and I’ve yet to even try a bottle with him. 🙂 I do love that you can get glass Dr Browns, since I try to avoid plastic.

    Thanks for participating in the Tuesday Baby Link Up.

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