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Tips on Alleviating Gas Pain & Baby Massage for Gas

Tips on Alleviating Gas Pain & Baby Massage for Gas
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Baby Massage for GasAlmost all babies will experience gas pain sooner or later. However, excessive gas is usually caused by extended exposure to some gas producing food, such as beans, onions, cabbage, pears, some types of pasta, and milk. In addition, your infant may experience gas if she has an underdeveloped digestive system or simply experiences an air bubble that is caught in her stomach.

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Of course, your infant’s response to gas pain suffering can be extremely difficult to see. While some babies experience gas problems once in a while, for others it can become a regular part of their eating routine. Therefore it’s extremely important to alleviate gas pain. One of the best and most natural things you can do is baby massage for gas, but there are also other techniques that might help. Let’s look at a few of the others first.

Alleviating baby gas pain

  1. Burp her more often: in order to prevent gas and to relieve pain, a baby has to be burped during and after feedings. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of air that can become trapped in her stomach. The type and brand of bottles used can also contribute to this.
  2. Try to avoid specific foods: if your baby gets gas after eating a particular food, try to avoid it in the future. You may not have this problem if you’re breastfeeding, but if she is eating solids, you may want to think twice before introducing new foods.
  3. Bicycle her legs: this technique is pretty easy to do, even if it requires a little more effort. Lie the baby on her back and start to move her legs in a bicycling motion. This action puts a little more pressure on her stomach, allowing the gas to get out.
  4. Put a warm towel on her belly: a baby is predisposed to cramps, especially when she strains to move solids and gas through her bowels. This process provokes pain, which can be compared to menstrual cramps, according to the latest research. By placing a towel warmed at over 80 degrees Fahrenheit on her tummy, you can greatly alleviate this pain. Moreover, try a hot bath from time to time, because it can be extremely soothing for your baby.
  5. Tummy time: a necessary practice, especially for babies who suffer from gas pain. While she is laying on her tummy, massage her back gently and press a little more when you reach the hips. This practice should be done at least half an hour after feeding.
  6. Carry her around: sometimes all you need to do is simply carry her in a sling or baby carrier. It has been proven that when you carry her, the pressure on your baby’s tummy will increase, and consequently the pain can be alleviated, giving her rest and allowing you to gain the peace of mind that your baby is fine.
  7. Use a special gas aid: before trying a gas aid, it is imperative to obtain your doctor’s approval. A couple of gas aids you can try are gripe water and simethicone. The first one a natural homeopathic remedy that will enhance the digestive process in your baby’s tummy. The second one is also called Mylicon and is used to break up all the gas bubbles.

Baby massage for gas

Massage Techniques

  • There are various baby massage techniques for gas, including the famous “I love you”. This technique is extremely easy. All you need to do is imagine a box on her tummy, and then draw the initial of each word, starting from left to right, upside down.
  • The touch relaxation technique implies more skill. In order to do that, firmly place your hand on her stomach and try to feel the location of her gas. In addition to being able to feel her gas, you can send her feelings of love.
  • Another hassle-free technique is to massage around her belly button in a circular motion. By doing so, you can help move solids and gas through her large intestine. Another type of massage is to stroke from the base of her rib cage to her hips, then walk your fingers from right to left across her tummy.

Keep in mind that when massaging your baby, she should be in her diaper. You can repeat these techniques several times each day, especially when you sense she needs your presence.


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  1. I think trying natural methods first is best for baby….helpful tips!

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  2. I love using massage! Great tips! Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up Community.

  3. These are really helpful tips. Onions used to really upset my kiddos stomach, so I had to ditch those from my diet when he was small as well as ice cream. I used Mylicon drops as well and had great luck with those.

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby link up last week. I hope to see you back this week.
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