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5 Tips to Successful Preconception Planning

5 Tips to Successful Preconception Planning
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Preconception planning is something that a lot of couples do to help increase their chances of having a healthy pregnancy from start to finish. If you’re confused about what you should do in order to plan appropriately, then you’re not alone! A lot of couples aren’t sure what they should be doing or how they should be doing it. Below you’ll find tips for natural and safe preconception planning so that you can prepare your mind and body for what is to come.


Preparing for Pregnancy and Healthy Pregnancy Planning


Tip 1: Eat More Natural Foods

A natural diet is going to help you have a healthier body so that you can have a healthier pregnancy! Dark green vegetables are great for you (broccoli, kale, spinach), but so are fruits like blueberries, raspberries and oranges. If you eat more foods that are natural and that don’t come processed from a package, then you’ll find that you feel better and your body overall works much more efficiently. Try reading labels on foods that you buy so you can avoid any chemicals or additives that aren’t good for you.

Tip: Look online for healthy versions of junk foods that you like. This can curb those cravings while keeping you healthy and on track with a better diet!

Tip 2: Take Supplements

A multi-vitamin will provide your body with nutrients that it may not be getting through your diet. Take one of these on a daily basis, but make sure it has folic acid or folate in it (at least 400mcg). Another supplement you can take is a fish oil or flaxseed oil tablet. These are high in omega-3 fatty acids that are great for healthy eye and brain development. Always look for good quality vitamins and prenatal tablets; this is something you don’t want to go cheap with.

Another important tip is to visit your physician to find out what vitamins you are deficient in. From there you can start supplementing your diet to get more of what you need. A few simple tests are needed for this, so it’s an easy process to find out what you need to know!

Tip 3: Detox

Months before conception you should detoxify your body by cleaning up your diet and getting rid of things like alcohol, caffeine and anything else that isn’t good for you. Start paying more attention to the things that go in your body and really focus on health overall. Although this may be difficult in the beginning, it will get easier as time goes on. It will be worth it, as you’ll be increasing your chances of conception naturally and you’ll be doing something great for your body.

Tip 4: Try Different Beverages

If you’re missing out on coffee or sugary drinks, then it’s important to realize that there are tasty alternatives out there! Green tea is one of the best, as it’s packed full of antioxidants and tastes pretty great. There are also a lot of other naturally flavored herbal teas that you can drink that have herbs safe for pregnancy and conception. Missing coffee? Then try dandelion coffee, which you can find online pretty easily.

Tip 5: Avoid White Flour

Bread is delicious, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven, but it’s something you’ll have to avoid. Instead, focus on eating more whole grains. Fortunately there are a lot of alternatives you can use, like wholemeal pasta, brown rice, rye and barley! These get rid of toxins and can help maintain a healthy bowel.

Planning ahead in order to start or grow your family is smart. Remember the main thing though, have fun with the process. Stressing doesn’t help so keep it light and remember to enjoy every moment.

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~ Rhonda, Tara, and Courtney -The Born Unique Baby Moms

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  1. Great information both preconception and general health for anyone.

  2. Great post. Keeping yourself and preparing for a healthy baby are essential. Having a healthy baby starts with you. This will help for the entire pregnancy before and after for mom and newborn. Eating healthy has such great effects on you overall health mentally, physically and emotionally. Then you get to pass the effects on to your baby. What better way to start.
    Meryl Hershey Beck recently posted..Conscious Eating Made EasyMy Profile

  3. I had heard of taking supplements prior to conception, but never really thought about looking at what you are eating prior to conception. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Such a lovely post. The info is wonderful for preconception and also for anyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle. Health is wealth! 🙂
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  5. Thank you Heather for some great advice for future expectant mothers! All very important tips!

  6. This is great! I know anyone who is looking for this type of information will benefit from this. Thank you!
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  7. these are great tips for women ready to have a baby.

  8. Great information that will surely be useful for all future expectant mothers. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great blog! I never thought of these things when I conceived almost 30 years ago! Boy, how things have changed!!

  10. I definitely agree with all of your advice. It is important to not only take care of your body while pregnant, but it is also just as important to take care of your body while planning. 🙂

  11. Lovely article, you need to look after yourself before being pregnant, when pregnant and afterwards….

  12. Interesting, what it amounts to is that whatever you ought to be doing for YOURSELF in terms of self care, you can multiply by at least two when you are considering bringing another living body into yours!

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