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Is There a Perfect Baby Sleep Schedule?

Is There a Perfect Baby Sleep Schedule?
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Is There a Perfect Baby Sleep Schedule?For new parents, the joy of bringing in a newborn baby cannot be compared to anything. It is a day of happiness and laughter. Everyone wants to see the new bundle of joy and comes with gifts for the baby. You cannot help but feel blessed.

However, sooner or later parents begin to realize that their bundle of joy is turning them into involuntary night owls: their precious baby just won’t sleep at night! She wakes up in the middle of the night crying after sleeping for only what seems like five minutes.

This is very frustrating especially when the actual cause of the interruption in the baby’s sleep schedule cannot be identified easily. Both parents can however become knowledgeable on some of the causes of sleepless nights for baby and how to deal with them.

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Baby Sleep Schedule & Teething problems

Teething can often cause your baby to have sleepless nights. It is a stage that lasts quite a long time; usually in the first 5-9 months after she is born. The symptoms of teething are varied and it may be hard to tell that they are actually related to teething.

A fever, loose stool and crankiness are all symptoms of teething but may also be symptoms of another actual disease. It is of importance that parents note teething only interrupts a baby sleep schedule when the tip of the tooth is about to come right out of the gums. After that, the baby resumes to the normal routine and the midnight wake up calls will become less.

When parents observe this routine of teething, they will be in a better position to deal with it. In order to deal with the teething problem, the parents can look for gum soothers. The following might actually help:

  • Topical teething gels
  • Frozen wash cloths
  • Teething rings
  • Approved dose of ibuprofen to deal with the pain

Baby Sleep Schedule & Change of environment

Most parents may not realize this but the baby’s sleep schedule may be interrupted because of a change in the usual routine. Babies also have the capacity to know when something in the environment has changed regardless of whether they are five months old or ten months old.

A baby will know when they are tucked in at night by someone else. Similarly, if you move into a new house, the baby will know that the surrounding is not familiar.

If your aunt or your best friend comes over to stay for a few days and they wish to tuck the little one in, it is best that you do not get overjoyed at the idea. Let your little one familiarize herself with your guest for the first two days by letting them give her a bath or play with her. Your baby will familiarize herself with the guest and will be able to go to sleep when your aunt puts her to bed.

If you just moved into a new home, try to bring in as many familiar things as possible from the old house you lived in. If possible, spend time with your baby in the new room as much as you can so that her becomes familiar with the room. Maintain the same sleep routines from the old home too.

Baby Sleep Schedule & Room Temperature

At times we tend to think that babies are overly sensitive to everything. In essence they are sensitive but we can take it a bit too far.

For instance, during the cold season, resist the urge to pile in extra bedding. Blankets are not only a safety concern due to accidental suffocation, but it is also likely that too many blankets or clothes will make the baby feel a little too hot. On the other hand, if it is during the hot season, we might underdress babies thinking they are feeling as hot as we are.

Babies are sensitive to temperature and therefore clothing should prevent the baby from getting too hot or too cold. During the hot season the clothes should be made of light but breathable material while during the cold season, it should be warm and not so heavy.

Mayo Clinic offers a baby sleep schedule guide, but it is never perfect. Ensuring that she rests well by effectively dealing with the underlying causes of sleepless nights will go a long way to making sure she develops and grows in a healthy way.


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