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Healthy Pregnancy Planning For Mommy & Baby

Healthy Pregnancy Planning For Mommy & Baby
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Healthy Pregnancy PlanningThere are many things to consider for successful and healthy pregnancy planning. Planning is always a great way to increase the odds of having a healthy pregnancy and baby, while also reducing stress and anxiety. Once you have made the all important decision of conceiving a child, preparing for pregnancy also allows you the opportunity to prepare your body for the changes that will surely come. Nutrition is one important factor. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks. You will also benefit from organizing your finances and considering the cost of having and raising a baby. Overall, pregnancy planning is a great way to get the ball rolling and start practicing some of the necessary lifestyle changes too.

Planning & Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

The moment you make the decision to conceive, your first stop should be your family physician’s office. A complete medical check-up including gynecological exam and family histories, should be carried out to ascertain if both parents are fit to bear children. In case of any fertility issues, they can be resolved at the initial stage.

You should also consult your doctor about any medications that you may be taking; including prescriptions, herbal supplements or any other over the counter medication. Some of these drugs greatly affect your ability to conceive while others are not safe for use during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. Your partner should also make a list of current medications as there are certain drugs that lower sperm count thus reducing your chances of becoming pregnant. The doctor will make recommendations on the kinds of vaccinations you will need. He will help you take precautions to prevent diseases like HIV, STDs, tetanus, measles, hemophilia, asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure or sickle cell under control so as not to put your and your baby’s health at risk.

Environment, Diet, and Exercise

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A healthy diet and exercise plan ensures that your body is well prepared for carrying a baby. Some of the major things to consider are below:

  • Create a healthy environment for your child. Welcome her to a warm and safe home, adoring parents and smiling faces all around her.
  • Ensure that while at home or at work, you avoid continuous exposure to potential risks like toxic chemicals, secondary smoke, x-ray machine radiations, mercury or childhood illnesses such as Chicken Pox or Fifth’s Disease.
  • Ensure that you eat balanced meals and healthy snacks, in the form of legumes, vegetables, cheese, milk, fruits and juices.
  • Your body needs minerals like manganese, silver, gold and other vitamins. These can be taken in the form of tablet supplements and capsules. Folic acid should also be taken for some three months before conception and during pregnancy to reduce risks emanating from neural tube defects.
  • Moderate exercise will maintain your fitness and keep you active so that you can have a normal delivery.

Healthy Pregnancy Planning & Lifestyle Changes

Activities like smoking and drinking alcohol do have a negative influence on your life. Your doctor will definitely advise you to limit alcohol and quit smoking. Women who smoke put themselves at a higher risk for miscarriage, tend to give birth to babies with low weights and expose themselves to numerous other health problems. Alcohol on the other hand, is known to cause a devastating birth defect known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and should be avoided during conception and pregnancy. Similarly, avoid eating uncooked or undercooked food and stay away from fish that contains mercury, for example, marlin, shark and swordfish

Finances & Pregnancy Planning

While in the pregnancy planning stage, check and analyze your current budget. You and your partner should decide what your absolute necessities are, and what items are simply nice to have. You can enlist the help of an accountant or a financial advisor to suggest ways of managing your growing family and investing in your family’s future as well.

Pregnancy planning is an excellent way of ensuring that you have a stress-free pregnancy and delivery. The goal is to create a healthy environment where you and your baby can feel safe, healthy, and happy.

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